Netcamara Rostros is an effective real-time face recognition software developed for applications that need to provide maximum security and civil protection by using people identification systems.

This groundbreaking technology developed by Netcamara takes an unknown facial image provided by a camera, and compares it with all images stored on a database. This database, made up of previously registered users, provides a status after the software processes and associates the image with said data.

The system identifies people based on their unique physical characteristics. These vectorized parameters are compared to a list of faces stored, in order to detect if the person has been previously registered, with a minimum error margin during the matching process. Through the image you can also access any particular information added to the database.

Furthermore, Netcamara's face recognition system can work automatically or can be paired to any access control device.

Netcamara Rostros is easy to operate and can be installed in any Windows operating system. It is also a non-invasive solution since it operates far from the people being monitored. The camera used for face detection can remain hidden, so you do not need to reveal its location.

This development allows the simultaneous detection and identification of all faces that appear in the image.

Netcamara Rostros provides a customized solution which can adapt to our client's needs and can be integrated in different scenarios:

  • • Security-related and restricted access applications.
  • • Companies or areas where only a limited number of people is allowed to enter.
  • • Highly visited public places.
  • • Airports, for identification of people suspected of criminal offenses and other charges.
  • • Borders, when ID control is ineffective.

It can also be applied to:

  • • Hotels
  • • Casinos
  • • Health Care
  • • Government
  • • Military use

With Netcamara Rostros you can provide a maximum security system that uses state-of-the-art technology.

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