Netcamara POS is a smart and flexible sales management software, which allows the user to have maximum control over register cash flow automatically. This decreases point of sales losses and increases internal control over purchases and store sales, payments, and customer service quality. All of this can be done quickly and easily.

Netcamara POS application allows the integration of the billing system with the surveillance system of the store or business, making it easier to track branch operations. It provides a tool to better control these commercial activities through image visualization and recording.

With this real-time monitoring system, the operator can use the recordings to react if an unexpected event occurs, since Netcamara POS captures all the information issued by the billing system, such as text and events, and synchronizes it with the images of a camera, providing the client with an easy to handle and user-friendly interface to manage this information.

Netcamara POS allows you to detect:

  • • Cash register irregularities.
  • • Missing stock. Unknown losses.
  • • Bad procedures.
  • • Cash and change control.
  • • Group search based on product / date / vendor.

Management of recorded events

  • • Access to display of recorded videos, searching by type of video that you wish to consult.
  • • Selecting an event searching by date and time, without having to select an associated record.
  • • Delete browsing history: erase data based on date, vendor, TPV, movement, or all records.


  • • Easy to install and to set up.
  • • Easy management from the billing software.
  • • Easy to learn for end customers.
  • • The solution is adapted to the needs of the client.

Netcamara continues to bet on software adjustment and development so that its clients can maximize the resources anytime, everywhere.