This module has been specifically developed to elaborate an audience profile by measuring information that is relevant to the target audience. It combines the recognition of certain demographic characteristics such as gender and age range, as well as emotion recognition and time of permanence in the place of edition, all of which is unified into only one tool.

Netcamara Perfiles is able to estimate certain information of the target audience and to measure these result in real-time. This helps the segmentation of the target audience in order to be increase efficiency when advertising online, developing campaigns, setting up promotions, which will allow you to receive a high return on investment.

Clients are analyzed silently and in a non-invasive manner while Netcamara Perfiles generates observations of quantitative and qualitative data of the target audience, all of which is automated and does not require surveys and polls. At the same time, faces are remembered for a short period of time in order to identify people's unique micro expressions.

This information will help you to better understand your audience preferences, and allows immediate adjustment to the taste of consumers.


  • • Profile generation of the general public.
  • • Generation of marketing statistics.
  • • Classification of target audience according to age, gender, satisfaction, etc.
  • • Satisfaction campaigns: recognition of the emotional reaction of audiences to purchase motivation actions. Promotions, advertising, product sampling, etc.
  • • Smart advertising: To generate contents of interest which are adapted to users and brand needs./li>
  • • Emotion recognition.
  • • Age range and gender estimation.
  • • Mood detection.

Netcamara Perfiles allows:

  • • To differentiate among universal facial expressions of several people at the same time, such as happiness, sadness, discontent, surprise, fear and rage.
  • • To know if you have a male or female audience, and to precisely estimate their age group.
  • • To receive reports on your client's mood in order to act accordingly.

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