Netcamara Matrículas is a powerful real-time license plate recognition system which allows its subsequent management based on the client's needs, and that can be linked to any database which manages access or traffic control systems. Netcamara Matrículas is a high quality proprietary design and development which uses neural network technology. Its special method of artificial intelligence automatically identifies vehicles by their license plates. Based on the image, it processes license plate characters, allowing its later identification. The systems provides quick and accurate vehicle identification, 24 hour a day, under any weather condition. This enables the subsequent recording of data such as date and time. The flexibility of the software allows to link these processed images to those of any other databases previously provided, and can be used in different applications such as entrances, parking lots, highway traffic supervision, vehicle fleet management, etc. Main features: the possibility to recognize license plates from different countries.

Different working modes:

  • • Access control (the detected license plate has to be previously enrolled in the system).
  • • Records of passing vehicles (All detected license plates are recorded).
  • • Digital exit activation in case of:
    • • Detection of a known license plate.
    • • License plate detection.
    • • Exit activation and later opening of the gate

Possibility to begin license plate detection in case of:

  • • Movement detection.
  • • Camera entry activation.

Automatic expiration of detected and recorded license plates.

Its interface allows sending immediate detections to other systems.

It captures images from associated cameras at the moment of license place detection.

Storage on database.

Data: License plate, Date, Time, Image and Camera.

Browsing of the information stored on the system./p>

License plate white or black list (ABM).

An alarm goes off when detecting a license plate that has been entered into one of these lists.

License plate search:

  • • By date
  • • By time
  • • By full match
  • • By partial match


Access control in a parking lot/garage

By using the license plate as an access key:

  • • You reduce the hours of work needed in order to manually register license plates data.
  • • You can increase the security level and prevent vehicle theft.
  • • You can reduce fraud and increase the control of missing tickets: by linking license plate to ticket number.
  • • It allows printing of the license plate on the Receipt and on the Journal.

Access control in clubs and gated communities.

By using a license plate linked to a plot or membership number, people can access directly into the premises. You can also manage the access of visitors by associating a license plate number to a membership number.

  • • You can increase access control of people to the premises, therefore avoiding any kind of interruption. Having more security adds value to the gated community, which increases lot and property prices.
  • • Man-hours are reduced. Less people are needed at entry control stations.

Highway traffic supervision.

Netcamara Patentes allows the control and monitoring of traffic conditions, accidents of vehicles in circulation, main routes, etc.

This solution provides:

  • • Toll fraud control. Crosschecking with black/white lists.
  • • Border control.

Managing truck fleets and other vehicles

Netcamara Patentes not only allows you to capture an image of the license plate, but you can also store additional images of the vehicles at the moment of entry.

  • • Entry and driver control.
  • • The license plate is linked to the weight of the goods.

Netcamara designs, develops and sets the parameters for each component of Netcamara Matrículas, which allows us to offer personalized solutions based on each client's specific needs.

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