Netcamara Corporate has been designed for professional surveillance solutions that need to manage a large number of cameras or several facilities in different locations which demand a centralized management.

With Netcamara Corporate you can manage an endless number of integrated servers, from a server that executes Windows® to clusters of multiple processors. This function allows users to control an unlimited number of IP cameras from multiple servers without requiring additional software.

Corporate 1

Netcamara Corporate integrates all cameras on the network, allowing access to the system from one unique point, without the necessity of having a local recorder.

Corporate 1

Netcamara Corporate provides for great flexibility of implementation of the camera system. It offers high performance, availability and scalability. It also offers practical benefits when programing a video system, such as recording planning, alarm recording, motion capture, generating different profiles depending on the user, multi-users, camera maps, server status reports, mirror recording and more.

El Netcamara Corporate includes all the features of Netcamara Basic and Netcamara City, and incorporates unique characteristics that make the system an effective tool for smart camera management.

Main features:

  • Unlimited servers.
  • Unlimited viewers.
  • Up to 64 cameras per server.
  • Remote administration and management.
  • Active Directory.
  • Backup for contingency plans.
  • Multilingual menu with support in Spanish.
  • Video stream server.
  • Jpeg, Mjpeg, Mpeg4, H264* video protocols.
  • Web Client/ Win32 Client.
  • Android Client.
  • Simultaneous connection of unlimited number of users to the real-time monitoring system (*the limit is established by the architecture of the system). Assigning ranks to users and setting permissions for the use of resources.
  • Triplex system (monitoring / recording / playback).
  • Matrix views that can be set up by the operator.
  • Camera identification displayed on the image, with the option of showing date and time.
  • Multi-display.
  • Manual recording.
  • Recording based on an agenda.
  • Recording based on an event.
  • Recording on remote disks.
  • Ability to export videos or parts of videos in open formats (AVI, Mpeg, etc) to external media such as CD, DVD or USB disks.
  • Ability to set up the recording quality using movement detection in order to optimize the hard disk space.
  • Camera activation triggered by I/O.
  • Recording triggered by I/O.
  • Alarm generation (visual and acoustic) which can be programed according to user needs.
  • Alarm activation triggered by Motion Detection.
  • Alarm activation triggered by Line Crossing.
  • Synchronized playback of up to 25 videos.
  • Smart playback of recordings based on time, camera or events.
  • E-mail alerts in case of unexpected events or camera shutdown.
  • TAGS with text, date and time of the event.
  • Security and information integrity mechanisms (Verification and Recording Authentication Codes); Watermark - text and/or image.
  • Constant approval of new camera brands. (ONVIF)
  • PTZ and Digital PTZ control.
  • SD slot reader. (See available brands)
  • Joystick / Mouse operation.
  • Silent task server.
  • Integration with Maps for urban surveillance projects.
  • Integration with POS system, for verification of your store's billing information.
  • E-map.
  • SDK for integration with third party systems.


*Will depend on the features offered by each brand and model.


• License Plate Recognition Module (optional)

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• Analíticas Module (optional) People Counter Hot Zone Queue Control

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• Face Recognition Module (optional)

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• POS Module (optional)

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