Netcamara City is a robust multi-brand digital video management software, designed for those security and monitoring solutions which require a professional, reliable and scalable application.

Netcamara City has been designed for solutions with Wi-Fi connectivity which integrate an important number of cameras and need to maximize their bandwidth. This is made possible due to the integration of the VSS (Video Stream Server), a key development by Netcamara which helps optimize the connection links.

El Netcamara City gives the possibility of creating a highly reliable monitoring and recording system which has the capacity to manage up to 64 cameras and allows the reduction of the required bandwidth. It also allows the use of online streaming services to broadcast from the cameras and accepts smart modules such as Matrículas, Rostros, POS and Analíticas.

Netcamara City admits automatic management of disk space, reception of e-mail alerts and supports different camera brands and video servers, giving the integrator a greater adaptability for integration and freedom to choose the software.


Netcamara City brinda la posibilidad de crear un sistema de monitoreo y grabación altamente fiable con la capacidad de administrar hasta 64 cámaras.


Con With Netcamara City you can carry out several tasks simultaneously: watch live videos, listen to audio and manage events, and manage multiple remote users, among many other things. All of this can be done while recording with multiple cameras.

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Netcamara City is a video platform required for the installation of a reliable, flexible and scalable digital video system. It allows the integration of multiple brands and provides the possibility for implementing analytics thus providing a distinctive service.


*Will depend on the features offered by each brand and model.


• License Plate Recognition Module (optional)

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• Analíticas Module (optional) People Counter Hot Zone Queue Control

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• Face Recognition Module (optional)

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• POS Module (optional)

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