Netcamara Analíticas is a revolutionary people counting and hot zones detection software, developed for different applications based on consumer behavior analysis, and provides all the information the commercial management needs in order to make decisions.

Consumer preferences are changing with more frequency, and this requires marketers to come up with action plans that allow to sell more and better. In order to develop an effective marketing strategy, it is necessary to use management tools which are reliable, flexible and easy to install.

Netcamara Analíticas provides a solution for consumer behavior analysis in any location such as shopping malls, retail stores, shops, airports, casinos and department stores. Analyzing the consumer flow allows the optimization of spaces and resources which, in turn, will increase the short-term profitability of the business.

Through data processing, Netcamara Analíticas becomes a valuable and advanced image management tool, which provides vital information for the creation and detailed analysis of indicators and statistics, and it is used to evaluate the market trends and to maximize profits. Also, the ability to detect opportunities of improvement in a department store or shop, increases business profitability and operational effectiveness of employees in the short and medium term.

For its people counting and hot zones features, the software uses an artificial image and vision processing technique in order to provide the best results when translating the data, therefore presenting the analyst with reliable information so that he can make any decision.


  • • Consumer behavior research.
  • • Flow control.
  • • Space value.
  • • Return on Investment Measurement (ROI).
  • • Optimization of marketing actions:
  • • Campaign and promotion validation.
  • • Merchandising management.
  • • Reactivation of dead sectors/areas of the location.
  • • Optimization of consumer satisfaction.
  • • Optimization of Human Resources.
  • • Queue management.


  • • Proprietary technology.
  • • Use of IP and WIFI cameras.
  • • Ability to process 20 images per second.
  • • Self-learning by means of an expert system.
  • • Non-intrusive system.
  • • Highly reliable.
  • • Effective counting control.
  • • Generation of valuable statistics about the distribution of entrances to your store.
  • • Storage on MySQL database.
  • • Entry, exit and hot zone statistics.
  • • Advanced queries.

Netcamara Analíticas People Counter and Hot Zone is an accurate and effective tool which will allow you to improve both your retail operations and customer service experience. The system is installed as part of an IP network, so you will be able to access the information from any place at any time.

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