Netcamara is expanding its business into other countries alongside Axis Communications. Recently, we have successfully completed the implementation of the Evaluations Application in the Trust Control Center of the SSP in México City. This project, which represents a major step for Netcamara’s expansion strategy into other countries in the continent, was supported by the Axis team. Axis has offices in Mexico, Central America and South America, and supports system integrators and software manufacturers in those businesses which are developed in other countries.

Netcamara’s management software is easy to install and robust, which made it possible to recognize and monitor the selected areas, achieving an integral solution that only required one video server for a project of this scale. 74 Axis network cameras were also installed, including HDTV video quality models, such as AXIS M1054.

“The video surveillance system has provided the Center with the possibility of having an audiovisual support of those activities that take place within the premises”, states Valente Cruz Vázquez, Research and Development Director. Another benefit provided by the system, is having visual support of the activities performed by the personnel, and establishing protocols to prevent any anomaly that may arise. Possible human errors were not taken into consideration, and we carried out the surveillance system by means of objective visualization and real-time observation of any situation outside the parameters of the institution.

We’re constantly making updates and expanding, and this allows us to improve monitoring systems of critical areas and moments of this Center’s operation, which will lead to more dramatic results in the nearby future, together with a state-of-the-art installation for such cases.